Autoblog and Fill extensions


If you want a bulk work of plugin, you can use Autoblog or Fill extension.

The difference between an autoblog and a regular work of the plugin is that an autoblog creates a new post for each keyword in the list. So, it's equal if you create a post manually, place a title in a post, use a title as a keyword for search in the Content Egg and choose first several items if they are available in the module.

An important thing about the autoblog is that it uses the number from Results for updates for each module setting. The same will be used for Fill extension.

You can also set the Template for the post for each autoblog. I recommend next step if you want to controll a content of created posts:

  1. Create a post

  2. Leave a content of post as empty

  3. Search one keyword for all modules

  4. Try to mix different shortcodes from modules in post. You can mix them with theme's shortcodes for extra formating. For example, with tabs shortcodes, accorditions, etc. Then, preview a post.

  5. After you got best results, use the same post template for the autoblog.

If you want to add the Wordpress features image with the Autoblog, you can enable this in module settings.

For some modules it's also better to enable saving images to your server instead of using external links (this option is also available in each module settings).

Another way is to enable the auto adding content at the end or at the beginning of the post.

Please, note. When you use the Autoblog, you can't control which offers to choose in each module, this can have unexpected results. For example, you use the keyword “Iphone”, but the API of many system can return, for example, cases for Iphones or glasses. To prevent this, you can configure search filters in each module. For example, some modules have a price amount filter, a category filter or a filter by program ID.

We also added a custom field option in the Autoblog. You can use it to assign additional data inside the post while publishing.

Search by EAN and better relevance in the Autoblog

The most big problem with the autoblog and fill extension is that data from different modules are very different, so sometimes it's impossible to use the Autoblog for creating comparison lists from several modules. The best API in Amazon and, for example, when you use a Samsung A5 keyword, Amazon returns mobiles, but some other modules can return cases for mobiles, glasses and even batteries.

First of all, you can improve this in settings of each modules. For example, some modules have a filter by price, by best discount, by product category.

To return most relevant products, you can use a EAN code of the product in keywords. Not all products have a EAN search.

Currently, only these modules have search by EAN: Affilinet Products, Amazon, Tradedoubler Products, Impactradius, Zanox, Kelkoogroup.

Fill extension

It works with the same logic, but it's used for already existed posts. Extension can use a different source of keyword. For example, it can use a title as a keyword. If post already has data in the Content Egg, nothing will be added. This extension can be useful if you have many old posts and want to add new data to them automatically.

Anyway, be careful with any Autoblog feature. Don't use it if you need full control for the quality of your site.