Field mapping

Each feed has different structure on all networks, so you must make field mapping for feeds.

CSV feed

Open your feed file in any CSV viewer, like Excel. Now, you need to set column name from your file to proper field of plugin.

  • id - Unique ID of product. This field must be constant in your feed.

  • affiliate link – Link to product with your affiliate parameter.

  • is in stock – Supported values: "1", "true", "on" and "yes", "0", "false", "off", "no".

  • availability - Supported values: "in stock", "out of stock".

  • direct link – Direct URL on original product page without redirects and affiliate parameters.

  • gtin - EAN 13-digit number like 3001234567892.

Make attention that some fields are required and some are optional.

XML feed

with XML node attributes:

You can also use xPath syntax for more complex selectors like:

Example of XPath for a node with a namespace:


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