Amazon No API module

How it woks?

The Amazon No API module now functions as a web scraper, a change necessitated by Amazon discontinuing Native Shopping Advertisements.

Since Amazon can block server IP access due to excessive requests, it's advisable to use built-in scraping services:

These services are paid but provide free monthly limits, enabling you to add 3000+ products per month.

This module is intended for beginners, allowing them to start working on their website. After achieving three sales and receiving an API key, it's recommended to switch to the Amazon module via the official API.

Price updates

For sites displaying product prices, Amazon mandates daily price updates. However, due to the challenges of web scraping, price display and updates are disabled by default in the NoAPI module. You can enable them in the module settings if needed.

Once you have API access and have configured the Amazon API module, you can delegate the task of updating prices to the Amazon module via the Product Advertising API.

How to get Associate Tag

To obtain an Associate Tag, refer to Becoming an Associate.

Search by ASIN or URL

To find the right product, you can search using product URLs or ASINs. This method requires far fewer queries to the source site compared to a keyword search.

Multiple locales

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