Variations/Group shortcodes

Sometimes you may need to make different groups of offers in one product. For example, you write article about phone model, but you can also include some accessories. Or, you want to show prices for different colors of one product (or other variations)

You can create separate groups of products. The same can be useful if you need variations, like color variations of phones which usually have different price.

After search, you can choose desired group of products

You can also specify a product group when searching for a keyword. Use special syntax for this: keyword -> groups name.

After saving the post, the group will be automatically assigned to the product:

This also works for auto update keywords:

Automatic groups also work with multiple keyword search.

Then assign group inside shortcode builder:

You can show different blocks for each group:

You can write also several groups

[content-egg-block template=offers_logo groups="group2,group1"]

There are also some ready templates in plugin

[content-egg-block template=offers_logo_groups]
[content-egg-block template=offers_list_groups]

These templates will create tabs automatically for each group in your product. Example: offers_logo_groups:

You can also set order of tabs, like this

[content-egg-block template=offers_logo_groups groups="64Gb,128Gb,256Gb"]

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