Greenshift templates

Greenshift is a Gutenberg block builder plugin available for installation from the WordPress repository. With this plugin, you can create your own templates for displaying Content Egg products, as well as use prebuilt patterns and customize them.

Note: Greenshift is a free plugin, but to integrate with dynamic data from Content Egg, you will need a paid Query Addon.

Before you start, make sure that Greenshift and the Query Addon are installed on your site.

Using Prebuilt Patterns

  1. Add Content Egg products as usual and save the post.

  2. Toggle the block inserter:

  1. Go to the Patterns > Content Egg tab and select one of the prebuilt templates:

  1. In the Repeater Builder settings, you can apply various filters, similar to how you do with the shortcode parameters, to filter out the products to output in that block:

  1. You can also customize and adjust any block parameters (e.g., button color, font size, number of columns, padding, and much more):

Reusable Templates

Once the template's appearance is customized according to your requirements, you can save it as a custom pattern.

  1. From the Repeater Builder menu, select "Create pattern":

  1. Add a name for the template and select the "Synced" checkbox.

  1. Your pattern is now available in the My Patterns section. Use it in any posts you want.

  1. Go to Appearance > Patterns if you want to edit the pattern. Select "Select Post type for preview" to get Content Egg data for preview from the last created post.

  1. Because you selected the synchronization option in step 2, any changes made to this pattern will be applied to all pages where you use this pattern to display products.

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