How content is displayed

To display products or other content on your website, you must add special shortcodes to your article's text. There are two types of Content Egg shortcodes:

  1. Module shortcodes

  2. Global shortcodes

Module shortcodes

You can use module shortcodes to embed the content of each module separately in your article. Use the shortcode generator on each module's tab to select the required template.

Then, simply copy the shortcode and paste it anywhere in your article.

If you have a visual editor like Gutenberg installed, use a special block to insert shortcodes (don't use blocks to add plain text).

Save the post. The products will appear on your website.

Global shortcodes

Use global shortcodes if you need to display a complete list of products for all modules or a price comparison list.

Use the shortcode generator located at the top of the Content Egg block.

Otherwise, global shortcodes work exactly the same as module shortcodes.

Shortcode parameters

Using the special parameters added to the shortcodes, you can split the output of products into separate blocks, hide some data, change button text, and more.

pageShortcode parameters

Automatic content embedding

You can also activate automatic content embedding in each module's settings. Available values:

  • Shortcodes only

  • At the end of the post

  • At the beginning of the post

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