How to install a custom template

The default global templates are located in the following directory:


Important: Never edit plugin files directly to customize a template. Any changes made to the plugin files will be lost when the plugin is updated.

Steps to Install a Custom Template

  1. Create Your Template File:

    • Create a text file for your template.

    • The template file name must start with the 'block_' prefix, for example, block_my_template.php.

  2. Prepare for File Upload:

    • Use the file manager in your hosting dashboard or any WordPress file manager plugin.

    • Create a special directory for custom templates:

  1. Upload Your Custom Template:

  • Copy your custom template file to the directory created in the previous step:

  1. Alternative Paths:

  • You can also place your custom template in one of the following directories:

  1. Apply the Custom Template:

  • Your custom template will appear in the template list with the prefix "[custom]".

  • You can now apply the custom template to Content Egg global shortcodes.

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