Product synchronization

Content Egg offers can be used to sync with WooCommerce products. This will speed up the process of creating products (you don't need to manually set the product's price, image, description, or URL). In addition, when updating the price in the Content Egg module, the WooCommerce product's price will also be automatically updated.

Manual synchronization

On the WooCommerce product edit page, select the Woo synchronization checkbox for the Content Egg offer you want to sync with.

Now every time of price updating in the Content Egg, the price will be changed in the woo product. Also such fields as a short description, an image, a url (for external products) are synchronized.

When you create a new WooCommerce product you should set at least the field Title. Other way the product will not be saved.

Select an External/Affiliate type of product if you want your "Buy now" link to be redirected to the partner’s site. Otherwise, it will go to the shop cart.

Auto synchronization

Go to Content Egg > Settings > WooCommerce > Modules for synchronization and select all the modules for which you want to activate auto sync.

If you activate new Content Egg modules in the future, you have to return to this setting and select these new modules if you need to enable automatic sync with them.

You should also select the rule according to which the Content Egg will be selected for synchronization (by default, this will be the cheapest offer on the page).

Now, the Content Egg offer's data will be synced with the WooCommerce products each time that:

  • A WooCommerce product is created or edited

  • The price of a Content Egg offer is updated.

Manual synchronization has priority over automatic synchronization.

Why isn't synchronization occurring with the cheapest offer?

Most likely, this module isn't selected in the automatic synchronization settings in Content Egg > Settings > WooCommerce > Modules for synchronization. Select all required modules and resave the WooCommerce product.

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