Affiliate Egg Integration

Affiliate Egg - is another our plugin for adding products to posts and earning on affiliate programs. Don't be confused with the similar name, it is a different plugin.

Content Egg vs Affiliate Egg

Content Egg

Affilite Egg

Logic of work

The plugin uses API of affiliate networks. You input a keyword, the plugin finds products, then you can select which products fit you and add them to the post.

It works like a web-parser. You have to set direct links to products or items of the site. After that, the plugin gets information from the site directly.

Number of stores

Limited by plugin modules and stores in affiliate networks.

For every store you need your own parser (the list of supported shops). It is possible to create a custom parser for your store.

Quality of search, flexibility of offer choosing

It depends on the network. Usually affiliates with "native" APIs have a high-quality search. Affiliate networks often have a limited API.

It is good, but too much of manual work.

Received data

Limited by API.

It is possible to get optional data of the product. For example, characteristics, reviews, rating and etc.

Difficulty of setting

API keys are required.


Speed of work



How to connect Affiliate Egg Modules

Watch the video of CE + AE integration:

We added the integration of these two plugin. You can use Affilite Egg parsers as separate modules for the Content Egg. To do this follow Content Egg –> Affiliate Egg integration and select stores you want to connect. This will allow you to use AE parsers as modules inside the Content Egg panel and create common comparison lists from both plugins. Also, you will have access to the price history, alert drops from the Content Egg for Affiliate Egg modules.

After that, you should activate and configure AE modules the same way as other modules of plugin.

You can use all functions of Content Egg plugin: price updating, shortcodes, patterns and etc. You can search product by keyword. In this case the search of store will be used, therefore you don't need API Key. For a search you can also use direct links to product or archive section of the site (in the last case use prefix [catalog] before URL like you watch on the screenshot).

In order to make affiliate link from direct product links you need to set parameter Affiliate link for every module. You can change Affiliate link any time and switch traffic from one affiliate network to another.

Custom modules in Affiliate Egg

If you need special shop parser which is not available in list of supported parsers, we can create custom parser for you.

Send required shop list by email.

Price is $25 per parser.

You must understand that Affiliate Egg parsers websites directly and check structure of site. Sometimes original site can change design, so, you will need parser fix. We give guarantee on custom parsers during 6 month. In this period we will make update of your parser for free. Good thing is that most of shops uses special schema structure which is always the same even if they change design, so, you will not need any fixes.

Avoid getting blocked

Affiliate Egg works as a web-parser. This means that for each product search or price update, the plugin must make a separate http request to source site. For various reasons, there are sometimes anti-bot mechanisms implemented on websites. Sometime plugin's bot will be blocked if it makes too many requests per second/hour/day. Sometimes there is a rate limit on how many requests per IP address.

‌You will get 503 or 403 error if you have blocked the server's IP:

Usually, it will be unblocked after 24 hours, but, in any case, you should avoid too many requests. Here is our recommendations:

  1. Search by direct product URL instead of keyword (important point).

  2. Don't set too often price updates in price update period in settings.

  3. Don't add too many products at once.

A ban can also be permanent (for example, due to a bad history of your shared IP address). In this case, there is no other way than to change the server IP or use a proxy.


Why do we need Affiliate Egg, if we have Content Egg?

Not all of the stores which have affiliate programs and which we want to work with have Product API. Especially it is true for little stores. The only way is to receive data directly from the site. We can also add a custom parser for you if the store is not yet in supported shops by our plugin.

What do you recommend to use?

Everywhere when it is possible use Content Egg. For example, support of Amazon is represented in both plugins. But Amazon has perfect API, works quickly and stable unlike from web-parser. When the parsing is too intensive your IP might be blocked on amazon site.

Especially for you we added a possibility to look for the products in Content Egg by product ID or by direct product link as in Affiliate Egg. Nowadays this possibility is supported for Amazon and Aliexpress module.