Deprecated modules

Most of Content Egg modules are working with the official API of affiliate networks. Sometimes, owners of the affiliate network decide to terminate access to the API. In this case, the Content Egg module will not get new data from the network (but old offers which were added on site will still work).


What will be with existing data?

Existing content and products will be on the site as early as possible, but the price update will not work.

What to do if I still want to use CE plugin for some shops?

There are some alternative ways:

  • Find a supported alternative network. We regularly add new modules. Most of shops are available in several networks at once, so you can use a new network.

  • Try Viglink for products (or Skimlinks Coupons for coupons). Viglink is something like an aggregator of other networks and affiliate systems. Even if one of the network closes its own API, products from this network can be available in Viglink .

  • Check your required shop in a list of available direct parsers in Affiliate Egg. Also, we can create custom AE parsers for your merchants.