Out-of-stock products

Products' stock statuses are updated alongside the price. There are various options for how you can deal with out-of-stock products:

1. Find all out-of-stock products on the Products page and replace them manually with new offers.

2. Use the automatic keyword update feature to always have an up-to-date list of products.

3. You can also hide prices for these products or the products themselves. To do this, go to Content Egg > Settings > General Settings > Out-of-Stock products.

4. The last — and simplest — option is to do nothing. Most stores don't remove products from their pages, even if they're out of stock. Affiliate cookies will be installed, and the store will suggest alternative purchase options on its own.

WooCommerce products

If you are utilizing WooCommerce sync, you can manage this through a separate setting. In Content Egg, go to Settings > WooCommerce > Out of Stock Products. From there, you can choose to handle out-of-stock WooCommerce products, including the option to delete them.

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