Price movers

Do you want to display products that have seen the biggest recent price drops? You can do this using Price movers widgets or shortcodes.

You can set the maximum period for comparing old and new prices in Content Egg > Settings > Price alerts > Price drops period. The larger this value, the more likely the discount will appear.

The plugin collects price change data in its own database. It will take several price update cycles before the Price movers blocks can display the data on your website.

Price Movers Widget

You can have sidebar widget with list of latest products with most big discount during special period. You can set period which will be used to compare price of product. For this, go to General settings - Price drops period. After changing this setting, wait your next price update, only after price update new setting will be applied.

If you don't have new products in widget, just wait price updates. Plugin needs some time to get price history and calculate offers.

Price Movers Page

You can also add most discounted products as content module on page, for example, as part of Homepage. Use shortcode

[content-egg-price-movers template=wdgt_price_movers_list]

Shortcode has several parameters, the same as widgets

[content-egg-price-movers template=wdgt_price_movers_list limit=20 drop_type=absolute last_update=7]

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