General information

Content Egg has a special module for working with product feeds in CSV or XML formats.

Requirements for Feeds

  • Direct Access: The product feed file must be available via a direct live link in a browser without requiring authorization.

  • File Formats: The file should be in CSV, XML or JSON format.

  • Archiving: The file must be either unarchived or archived in ZIP format.

Data feeds can be significantly large. Your hosting must have a sufficient memory limit. Ensure that the size of the unzipped data feed file is less than the WordPress memory limit on your site.

How it works?

  1. Loading the Feed File: The feed file is loaded onto your server.

  2. Importing Offers: The plugin imports offers into the local database.

  3. Product Search: You can search for products as you would in any other module of Content Egg.

  4. Bi-Daily Updates: The feed will be reloaded twice per day to maintain fresh prices.

  5. Adding Feeds: Each feed must be added as a separate module. Navigate to Content Egg > Modules > Feed modules > Feed:Add new and add the feed.

In the Pro version of the plugin, you can enable up to 50 individual feed modules.

When you save the module settings, the feed will be re-imported in the background. Please wait until the process is finished.

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