Attributes synchronization

Some APIs can return product attributes. Currently, attributes are available for the following modules:

  • Amazon (API)

  • Bestbuy

  • Bolcom

  • Flipkart

  • Kieskeurignl

  • some Affiliate Egg parsers

It's usually also possible to create a custom Affiliate Egg parser with attribute support and use the Content Egg + Affiliate Egg integration.

To import these attributes as WooCommerce attributes, tick the Woo attributes checkbox.

To automatically import attributes when syncing a product, activate the Content Egg > Settings > WooCommerce > Import product attributes option.

Custom and global attributes

There are two type of attributes in WooCommerce:

  • Custom attributes are local product attributes. It is just characteristics of product which will be displayed on the product page.

  • Global attributes are taxonomies in the WordPress terms. It is used for product grouping. You can use them to filter and sort the product.

Uncontrollable creation of large number of global attributes (taxonomies) can significantly slow down your site.

This is why the plugin has an automatic filter for global attributes. It could be not enough if you use different product categories from different sources on your site. Therefore, it is recommended to configure black/white list of global attributes manually. To do this, go to Content Egg -> Settings -> Global attributes filter / Attributes list and set the list of attributes which should be (or should not be) created as global ones. You can use the attribute name and the slug as well.

Use the WooCommerce Layered Nav widget to create filters. Visitors of your site will be able to filter products in your catalog by different attributes.

Also, there are many additional plugins which can help improve WooCommerce searching filters.

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