Kieskeurignl module

How to get your Token and Affiliate ID does not have a public affiliate program. Please contact the Kieskeurig team directly to gain access to their affiliate program and your API credentials.

How to update product lists

It's recommended to use the auto-update of product listings feature for this module.

To search for products you can use:

  • EAN

  • Kieskeurig product ID

  • Kieskeurig product URL

  • Product title (keyword search)

Merchant domains

Kieskeurig API does not return direct product links or merchant domains. For this reason, you need to add mergant -> domain matching pairs manually. Add in your functions.php file code like this:

function my_kieskeurignl_merchant2domain($m2d)
        $m2d['Amazon'] = '';
        $m2d['JBlokker connect'] = '';
        $m2d['Bemmel en Kroon'] = '';

        return $m2d;

add_filter('cegg_kieskeurignl_merchant2domain', 'my_kieskeurignl_merchant2domain', 10, 1);

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