Price comparison websites

To create a price comparison list, you need to find and add the same product to the different modules.

Then, use the special 'general' shortcodes with a special template, for example:

[content-egg-block template=price_comparison] 
[content-egg-block template=price_comparison_card] 
[content-egg-block template=buttons_row] 
[content-egg-block template=offers_logo] 
[content-egg-block template=offers_list]

You can use the title parameter for shortcodes to set a custom title. For example:

[content-egg-block template=price_comparison_card title="Best prices for Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500"]

Merging products

Content Egg usually searches for products by keyword, and the search results depend on the API. When entering a product name, such as a smartphone model, you can find both smartphones and accessories or other semantically relevant products in the search results.

There's no great way to automatically combine products from different sources in one price comparison list. You usually need to search and select products manually. Depending on the module, you can use filters by price, category, or other parameters to increase products' relevance.

Search by EAN

The only reliable way to combine items into one price comparison list is to search by a product's EAN. Currently, only the following modules support the ability to search by EAN:

  • Amazon

  • Amazon No API

  • Awin

  • Bestbuy

  • Bolcom

  • Daisycon

  • CJ Products

  • Ebay

  • Kelkoo

  • Kieskeurignl

  • Sovrn (Viglink)

  • Tradedoubler

  • Tradetracker

  • Walmart

  • Webgains

  • Feed modules

In addition, not all advertisers can fill out the EAN field for their products. If that's the case, EAN search is not available.

Price comparison and autoblogging

Automatically combining products into one price comparison list can yield distorted results since autoblogging also works with keywords.

That's why we recommend that you start your website with any single module and then add products for price comparison manually. The second option is to use pending posts for autoblogging and moderate the content before posting it.

Manually creating big price comparison websites may take a long time. Usually, about 10% of pages generate up to 90% of your website's traffic. So you can automatically fill your website with products and add price comparison boxes only to the most visited pages for better conversion.

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