Awin module

How to get Datafeed Download URL

  1. If you do not have an account in AWIN affiliate network create it.

  2. Go to ToolBox -> Create-a-Feed.

  3. Select the Language, Categories, Advertisers, etc and click Next (read more).

  4. Copy the generated URL at the bottom of the page.

All products from datafeed will be added to local database of your site. Then, you can search products by keywords inside your local database.

Feed loading will start in the background when you activate the module or re-save the settings. It takes a few minutes before you can search for products.

Make sure that no error occurred while loading the feed:

If the feed does not load, make sure your memory limit value is larger than the size of the unzipped feed:

Don't use too big data feeds. It requires too much resources on your server. Try to divide whole feed to categories or advertisers. We don't recommend to have more than 100 000 products in database (less is better).

You can search by keyword and also by direct link

CE plugin will update local database one time per day automatically.


I am able to download a advertiser's datafeed, however I am not joined to this advertiser, how is this possible?

Awin have a "soft membership" rule which applies to advertisers who have "auto-join" enabled for their affiliate approvals and have a valid datafeed. If a sale occurs via the use of this datafeed you will be accredited for this sale.


How can you update local database without waiting for automatic update?

Go to Content Egg -> Settings -> Awin and just resave settings. This will remove local database and it will be reuploaded while your first search.

What will be if product is not existed after database update?

Stock status of product will be set as Out of Stock.

Recomended PHP extentions.

You should have next extensions on server (you can check them with your hosting provider):

  • curl

  • zlib

Missing or incorrect domain name or merchant logo.

Some merchants do not have original product URLs in the feed. Therefore, CE plugin cannot determine correct domain or merchant logo. You can add merchant mapping to your functions.php like:

function my_awin_mapping($pairs)
    $pairs['Cdiscount FR'] = '';
    $pairs['Darty FR'] = '';
    return $pairs;

add_filter('cegg_awin_merchant_mapping', 'my_awin_mapping', 1);

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