Offer module

You can use Offer module if you want to add links manually to your product list

Use direct link on product page in "Product URL" field (without any affiliate network's parameters which are usually after symbol "?"). You should use deeplink in separate field. Read about deeplink here.

Global/custom settings

In example above, we used deeplink directly in field. But you can create global deeplinks and xpath for each domain. So, if your offer doesn't have deeplink field, plugin will use global settings.

You can also overwrite custom settings by global fields (global settings will have priority)

Price update for Offer module

This is only for advanced users. You must have some basic knowledge about XPath.

Please, note, we don't provide help of setup of XPath for your sites, but you can hire us to create custom parsers for Affiliate Egg.

Offer module can automatically update prices if you set global/custom XPath query.

How to get XPath on Amazon product as example

1. Plugin can't detect javascript fields, so, deactivate it in browser

We recommend Quick Javascript Switcher for Chrome as fast way to enable/disable JavaScript.

2. You can set ChroPath addon for Chrome for fast check of XPath.

How to use ChroPath:

  • Right-click on the web page, and then click Inspect (Ctrl + Shift + I).

  • In the right side of Elements tab, click on ChroPath tab.

  • To generate XPath selectors, inspect element or click on price node, it will generate the unique relative/absolute XPath selector. Usually, you should use relative selector.

3. Sometimes, some sites can have different pages with different designs for product pages.

For example, XPath for deal products will be:


But XPath for book product pages:

//span[@class='a-size-base a-color-price a-color-price']

So, you must merge all xpath into one line with %DELIMITER%. Plugin will try to use each of xpath rules until some rule will work.

Example for Amazon:

//span[@id='priceblock_ourprice']%DELIMITER%//span[@id='priceblock_dealprice']%DELIMITER%//span[@class='a-size-base a-color-price a-color-price']

Sites with Microdata markup

TIP: Many sites use schema markup and you can try universal XPath query for Microdata:




How to check price update?

XPath is used only for price update. It's not in use for parsing initial price, you must add it manually to field.

So, for checking XPath:

  • Add some wrong price in Offer price field

  • Click on the "Update prices" button to trigger the price update:

  • Check your price now and possible error:

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