Compatibility with themes

Content Egg works with any themes on any Wordpress installations including multisite.

Content Egg uses some parts of the default Bootstrap, currently we didn't find any incompatibilities with any themes.

There are some themes with extended support of the plugin. If you know any additional themes, write to us, so we can add theme to the list.

Rehub theme (with subchilds).

The extended support includes:

  1. Synchronization between the theme offer and price snippets and the Content Egg, so you can create a deal site

  2. A special automatic e-commerce look for Posts with Content Egg

  3. Special layouts for price comparisons posts

  4. The ability to mix Content Egg Data and theme functions and shortcodes

  5. About 20 additional output templates for shortcodes and combined shortcodes

  6. Additional widgets and styling

Check video of some combinations.

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