Amazon module

How to get Associate Tag

To obtain an Associate Tag, refer to Becoming an Associate.

Some recommendation to get Amazon affiliate program approval:

  • Site must have finished look and actual content.

  • Don't try to add just affiliate products. Make your site more useful for visitors, add some content, videos, images, articles, news, blog section.

  • Site must follow Associates Program Policies.

How to get Access Key and Secret Key

To obtain an Access Key and Secret Key, refer to Register for Product Advertising API.

Product Advertising API sign up is available only to associates who have referred qualified sales and have been accepted into the program. Check what are alternatives for Amazon API.

API Rates

Your account will lose access to Product Advertising API if it has not generated referring sales for a consecutive 30-day period.

If your API access has been revoked you will receive a TooManyRequests error message:

For more information, please refer to API Rates.

If you have just signed up for the PA-API, allow for 24 to 48 hours for Amazon to activate your APi access.

What should I do if I lose access to the PA API?

You must have affiliate sales attributed to API in order to prevent your API access from being throttled.

You can check to see sales that have been attributed to Product Advertising API 5.0 through generating a Link Type Performance report through the Associates Central reports tool:

So you can have a lot of sales, but your API access will still be limited if the sales are not attributed to API.

How to create links that are attributed to the API

All API links contain additional parameters: linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1

So you can add &linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1 to any of your affiliate links to generate affiliate sales attributed to API. For example, if you Affiliate Egg plugin for Amazon, you can enter the following Deeplink:


Place your new API links in place on your high traffic pages. Go back to your Link Type Performance report and confirm that you are getting clicks and conversions attributed to the PA-API 5.

You will regain access to Product Advertising within 2 days after your referred sales are shipped.

How to check your API access

You can check your API credentials using Product Advertising API Scratchpad.

Search by ASIN or URL

The best way to choose the right product is to search by product URL:

or ASIN:

What are alternatives to Amazon API

We offer 3 alternative ways which don't require API keys and they will help you to make first sales more faster and get regular API access.

1. Affiliate Egg plugin

You can use Affiliate Egg plugin and CE + AE integration. Affiliate Egg plugin uses direct parsing without API. You can use direct links from Amazon as keyword to import product:

Please note, all Amazon parsers are marked as "unstable" at the moment and may not work on some servers. Read more...

You can use Viglink module and search by URL feature:

You can add your Amazon Tag ID in Deeplink settings:

3. Offer module

Use Offer module to manually add Amazon products to your site.

Multiple locales

Amazon OneLink is a tool in your Associate dashboard that allows you to link your multiple Amazon associate accounts. When visitors on your web pages click on a link to buy a product on Amazon, OneLink will take them to their local, or nearest Amazon store. This is the easiest way at the moment.

No additional scripts required anymore. You just link accounts and you are ready.

2. Geolocation IP detection

Your Amazon Associates tag works only in the locale in which you register. If you want to be an Amazon Associate in more than one locale, you must register separately for each locale.

You can add your tags in the following fields:

Next, when you search for amazon products, you can choose the locale to search:

So after searching from one locale, you can add another products to list from another locale. Then, if you want to separate products from different locales, add locale parameter to shortcode like:

[content-egg module=Amazon locale=US]

locale=US will show all products from US locale.

Note: CE plugin doesn't have inner geo IP detection, but you can use the plugin in combination with third-party geo IP plugins.

For example, you can use free GeoIP Detection. You can try any other plugin which supports shortcodes and wrap Content Egg shortcode with geo IP detection shortcode, so only users from a specific country or region can see items from the relevant locale.

You can show content to US visitors only by using a shortcode like:

[geoip_detect2_show_if country="US"]
[content-egg module=Amazon locale=US]

See Geolocation IP Detection documentation for more examples.


TooManyRequests error

Please refer to API Rates.

Error Codes and Messages

For more information about all API errors, please refer to Error Messages.

Product Advertising API Scratchpad

You can check your API credentials and raw API's responses using Product Advertising API Scratchpad.

How to Fix a "Not found" error

The most common cause of this error is that you have set too many search filters like Merchant, Free Shipping, Minimal price, etc. Try to disable all search filters.

Product has no price

Please refer to Minimum Advertising Price.

Amazon Associates Customer Service

To raise a request for Amazon Associates account related concerns, please perform the following steps.

Why Amazon module is not available in CE free version?

When we created Content Egg, any user can get API access to Amazon very easy. Amazon required only registration and you got API access in the same day. But each year rules were changing.

Now, to get Product Advertising API you must have:

  1. Ready web-site with content and traffic, so, your account can be reviewed and received final acceptance in to the Amazon Associates Program.

  2. You must made minimum 3 sales in 180 days (in any possible way except API).

  3. You must have minimum 1 sale in 30 days to keep active access to API.

This makes Amazon API as almost impossible for beginners in affiliate marketing.

What we can recommend now?

From from beginner to Pro user:

  1. Updated Offer module. This module is available in Content Egg free. You can add manual links to plugin without API and get your first sales. And you can still use price update for Amazon offers.

  2. Affiliate Egg plugin. If you don't have API access and you don't want to add products manually, you can try Content Egg + Affiliate Egg bundle. This can also work with Content Egg free version. Affiliate Egg works as web-parser and doesn't require API access. With Affiliate Egg integration, you can use huge amount of ready parsers directly in Content Egg as you did this with API.

  3. Viglink module. If you have Content Egg Pro, you can try Viglink module and search by URL feature.

  4. Amazon module in Content Egg Pro. It has actual PA-API v5, module can provide fast and most relevant search, supports all locales of Amazon, filters, currencies. We recommend to use it once you get your Amazon API access.