Affiliate Egg integration

Affiliate Egg is another plugin our team offers for adding affiliate products to your website. Here are the main advantages of Affiliate Egg:

  • No API Required: Extract data directly from store websites without needing API access.

  • Custom Parsers: Ability to create custom parsers for almost any store, expanding the range of affiliate products you can promote..

  • Seamless Integration: Affiliate Egg parsers can be connected to Content Egg, allowing you to leverage all of Content Egg’s features such as product price updates, comparisons, and templates.

Our customers prefer using the integration of these two plugins to work with shops that are not available in Content Egg by default.

How to order custom parsers

Affiliate Egg comes with a set list of supported stores. If you need a custom parser for a store not included by default, we can create one for you.

Cost: $25 per parser. Each store requires a separate parser, which you can use on any of your websites.


  1. Email Us: Send us your list of stores.

  2. Invoice: We will review your list and send you an invoice.

  3. Creation: It may take 1-2 days to create the parsers.


  • Copy the parser files to your server's dedicated /wp-content/affegg-parsers/ directory.

  • Custom parsers work exactly like the default parsers.

Guarantee: We provide a 6-month guarantee for any custom products. If your parser needs any corrections during this time, we'll make the necessary adjustments for free.

How to connect AE modules

To connect Affiliate Egg parsers as separate Content Egg plugin modules, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Integration Settings:

    • Go to Content Egg > Affiliate Egg Integration and select the stores you want to connect.

  2. Enable Modules:

    • Go to Content Egg > Modules. You will see a new block of Affiliate Egg modules.

    • Activate the new module.

  3. Using AE Modules:

    • Work with the AE modules just as you would with standard Content Egg plugin modules.

    • We recommend using direct product URL searches in addition to keyword searches, as this requires fewer queries to the source website.

  4. Setting Affiliate Links:

    • To create an affiliate link from direct product links, set the Affiliate link (Deeplink) for each module.

    • You can change the affiliate link at any time and switch traffic from one affiliate network to another.

Watch the video on Content Egg + Affiliate Egg integration:

Avoid getting blocked

Affiliate Egg works as a web parser. This means that for each product search or price update, the plugin must make a separate HTTP request to the source site. Various websites implement anti-bot mechanisms, which can block the plugin's bot if it makes too many requests per second/hour/day. Additionally, some sites impose rate limits on the number of requests per IP address. If your server's IP gets blocked, you will encounter 503 or 403 errors.

Typically, the block will be lifted after 24 hours. However, to avoid being blocked in the first place, follow these recommendations:


Why do we need Affiliate Egg if we have Content Egg?

Not all stores with affiliate programs have a Product API, especially smaller stores. The only way to receive data is directly from the site. We can also add a custom parser for you if the store is not yet supported by our plugin.

What do you recommend using?

Whenever possible, use Content Egg. For example, Amazon support is available in both plugins. However, Amazon has an excellent API that works quickly and stably, unlike a web parser. Intensive parsing can result in your IP being blocked on the Amazon site.

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