Ebay module

How to get App ID and Cert ID

  1. Register in eBay Developer program.

  2. Login to your account and generate App ID/Cert ID (Production Key Set).

Make sure OAuth is enabled for your keys otherwise enable it.

Deletion/Closure Notifications

Content Egg plugin does not store any personal data of eBay's users. If this is the case, the developer may apply for exemption from receiving eBay marketplace account deletion/closure notifications. For more information, see the Opting Out of eBay Marketplace Account Deletion/Closure Notifications.

Campaign ID

  1. If you don't have an account in ePN, register.

  2. Campaign ID is visible in the Campaigns list in your ePN account.

Set this parameter only if you want to send traffic through third party affiliate networks with eBay support. Read more: How to find your deeplink.

Multiple locales and Geolocation IP detection

You can work with multiple eBay locales geolocation IP detection similar to how it works in Amazon module.

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