Ebay module

How to get App ID and Cert ID

  1. Register in eBay Developer program.

  2. Login to your account and generate App ID/Cert ID (Production Key Set).

Make sure OAuth is enabled for your keys otherwise enable it.

Now products can be added to your site, but you still have not a commission for them. For monetization of products you can use several programs in the plugin. Set one of the program.

Setting Campaign ID

This is the main partner program of eBay EPN (eBay Partner Network)

  1. If you don't have an account in EPN, register.

  2. Campaign ID is visible in Campaigns in your EPN account.

You need this ID if you want to use Skimlinks.

  1. Register your account in Skimlinks.

  2. Go to Account and find Site ID for corresponding domain.

Use this ID if you want to use Viglink.

  1. Create account in Viglink.

  2. Go to ManageAccount and find API Key.

You can also send traffic through any partner network with Ebay support.